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Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom Rugs In Cowbridge, Cardiff, BArry and the vale of Glamorgan

Find a floor rug that will tie the room together from our showroom in Cowbridge, South Glamorgan. With a wide variety of bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom rugs on display, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for any room in your house. At Cowbridge Flooring Studio, we help you match rugs to your existing carpet or a new carpet you have purchased with us.

A Wide Variety of Rugs

As part of the huge selection of rugs we have in-store at our showroom, we have a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes to suit your requirements. Ideal for every room of the house, we provide products that suit your property and carpets.

Making the Right Choice

When you wish to visit our showroom and see our floor rugs for yourself, you’ll be able to take your chosen product away on the very same day. With a range of rugs available at competitive prices, you’ll be able to find your ideal shape or size in-store, or order something more bespoke if required.

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